Co-op development training program

In the next academic year, we’ve decided to offer only the Introductory level of the CoopZone distance training program; please see below.  It is aimed mainly at those who who wish to understand the co-op development process, but not work as co-op developers.  It is appropriate for those who work for organizations such as government departments with interest in co-ops, existing co-operatives, credit unions, and CED organizations.  This course has been revamped on the basis of the already excellent evaluations by past students.
 The Course Director, Eric Tusz-King, will run free webinars on a few occasions during the summer, the first one of which is next week on Tuesday, June 21st at 2:00 pm ET.
Pascal Billard, v-p CoopZone

CUMA et circuits courts

Quel est le lien entre les CUMA (Coopérative d’Utilisation de Machines Agricoles) et les circuits courts (du producteur au consommateur? Pas évident, mais les CUMA pourraient bientôt de venir ce lien direct entre producteurs et consommateurs: